#virtualexpotwb – As part of the virtual Tuning World Shopping Event, KW automotive is hosting “Virtual Tuning World Bodensee”

#virtualexpotwb – As part of the virtual Tuning World Shopping Event, KW automotive is hosting “Virtual Tuning World Bodensee”

As part of the virtual Tuning World Shopping Event, KW automotive is hosting the “Virtual Tuning World Bodensee”. KW automotive shows the latest novelties of its suspension and SimRacing brands on a digitalized booth.

In the run-up to the virtual trade fair, a variety of exhibition vehicles, suspensions and SimRacing accessories were photographed with a 360 panorama camera at the exhibition center in Friedrichshafen.

During the event period, from May 13 to 16, 2021, anyone who is interested can stroll around the booth, have a seat in the exhibition vehicles and get informed about all KW automotive products.

Friedrichshafen’s exhibition hall becomes a virtual KW automotive booth

In mid-April, KW automotive was in Friedrichshafen with various exhibition vehicles such as the current BMW M4 (G82), Toyota GR Yaris, VW Golf GTI Clubsport, Ford Mustang LAE and a Golf II as well as SimRacing hardware.

As part of the Tuning World Shopping Event and the KW automotive Virtual Tuning World Bodensee, the KW coilover Variant 4 for the BMW M4 and BMW M3 (G82 and G80) will make its debut. Much more than just a stepless lowering can be set with the three-way adjustable coilover.

KW Variant 4 coilover suspension kit with threeway adjustable shocks for the latest BMW M4 (generic product image).

Thanks to its modern damper technology, which is based on our expertise in the equipment of several GT3 race cars, the handling of the new BMW M4 can be individually adjusted according to the M4 driver’s personal purposes.

Another highlight is the BMW E36 with JUDD V8 engine of the deceased KW Hill Climb legend Georg Plasa used at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

With our ST suspensions brand we demonstrate how flexible our manufacturing structures and built-to-order philosophy is.

With ST, various suspension components such as the main spring of the ST coilover can be customized with a signature and color. In order to do so, end consumers simply need to specify their color and signature when ordering from our dealers or directly from us.

Afterwards, we manufacture the ST coil springs and ST coilovers with the ordered color and signature.

Furthermore, ST suspensions continues to expand the delivery program of its new ST XTA plus 3 coilovers.

The KW automotive brand ap Sportfahrwerke presents a VW Golf II modernized in OEM+ tuning style with an ap coilover that has not only been technically modified, but also refined with the interior of the Audi TT.

The SimRacing activities of the KW automotive group with its brands Ascher Racing, TrackTime and RaceRoom will also take place at the virtual Tuning World Bodensee. More at from May 13, 2021.

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